Item LTC-25T2 LTC-25T2SMY
Max. swing mm (in) 868(34.2) 860(33.85)
Max. turning diameter mm (in) 510(20) upper/lower - 500/330(19.68/13)
Max. turning length mm (in) 750/1250/1500 - (29.5/49.2/59) 1020(40)
Bar capacity mm (in) 78/90/115(3/3.5/4.5) 115(4.5)
X1/X2 axis travel mm (in) 225+20(10+0.78) 250+10(9.84+0.39)
Z1 axis travel mm (in) 830/1330/1580 - (32.6/52.3/62.2) 1110(43.7)
Z2 axis travel mm (in) 780/1280/1530 - (30.7/50.3/60.2) 1110(43.7)
Z3 axis travel mm (in) --- 1000(39.37)
Y axis travel mm (in) --- ±80(±3.15)
Spindle speed rpm 3000 3000
Chuck size in 10/12 12


  • The machine is for big swing and turning dia. Cutting design.
  • Spindle nose is A2-11 with 12” chuck, and it is best dispose for enhance rigidity.
  • Spindle motor is αP50 with Max. torque775Nm. It is very suitable for heavy cutting and curve surface cutting.
  • Twin turrets design is more efficiency and do a rough machining and finish machining in the same machine. For the work-pieces accuracy is better.
  • Servo movement type tailstock can easy move to the place that you need. And quill (build-in M.T#4) provide outstanding rigidity and adjustment is hydraulically operated for convenience.
  • Max cutting dia. is 510mm. Max. cutting length is 1500mm.
  • Twin turret totally have 24 tools, it can offer complex work-pieces cutting and prepare tool.
  • Cutting for long and thin work-piece, the lower turret can have steady rest.

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