Item T-6SMY/MY
Max. swing mm (in) 630(24.8)
Max. turning diameter mm (in) 410(16.14)
Max. turning length mm (in) 462(18.19)/508(20)
Bar capacity mm (in) 52(2)
X axis travel mm (in) 205+10(8.07+0.4)
Y axis travel mm (in) ±50(±1.96)
Z axis travel mm (in) 450(17.7)
Z2 axis travel mm (in) 500/---(19.68/---)
Spindle speeds range (main) rpm 6000
Spindle speeds range (sub) rpm 4500/---
Chuck size (main) in 6
Chuck size (sub) in 6/---

More Powerful:

  • Powerful main spindle with high torque and 6000rpm spinde speed

Increased Capacity:

  • 6 inch chuck standard
  • 52mm bar capacity standard
  • Y axis travel:±50mm

Faster / More Productive:

  • Fast rapid rates X axis 15m/min & Z axis 30m/min
  • Tool to tool turret indexing time 0.25 sec, 180゜indexing 1.0 sec

Ergonomic Considersations:

  • Easy to use membrane touch-pad control station
  • Easy moving operator door
  • Parts catcher available
  • No chip or coolant leaks

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