S 2210

CMAX S2210 is Advanced CNC type of sinker edm machines. It features with 3D Mode motion machining. The oil tank capacity is up to 4039 liter. The machine body is made by casting, where can be load up to 16000 kg. The 6 axes are controllable with C, A, B axes which are optional electrode head. Moreover, it can be connected with robot hand, allow to change the electrodes by the robot hand. The work table is 2250 x 1100mm, mostly being used in production of aerospace industry.


  Unit Specifications
Work Tank (LxWxH) mm 2810 x 1700 x 800
Work Table (LxW) 2250 x 1100
Table travel (X) 2200
Table travel (Y) 1000
Servo Travel 600
Distance Between Spindle to Work Table 680-1280
Max. Electrode Weight kgs 500
Max. Workpiece Weight 9500
Dimensions mm 4500
Weight kgs 13500


Power Supply Unit Unit 60A 90A 120A
Max. Power Unit KVA 4.5 8 12
Max. Machining Speed mm3/min 430 700 900
Min. Electrode Wear Ratio % 0.1
Best Surface Roughness μm/Ra 0.2
Outside Dimensions mm 820 x 620 x 1700
Weight kgs 320 350 380


Dielectric Unit Unit Specifications
Capacity L 4039
Pump Power HP  
Weight kgs 850
Dimensions mm 3300 x 1800 x 780


  • 15" LCD Screen
  • Auto Fire Extinguisher
  • Halogen Work Lamp
  • Clamping Plate
  • Leveling Pad
  • Flushing Nozzle
  • Patented Electrode Holder
  • Paper Filter
  • Drill Chuck
  • Tool Box
  • Remote Controller
  • M.P.G.
  • Signal Tower Light


  • 3R / EROWA ATC 16/20T
  • 3R / EROWA ATC 4/6T
  • 3R / EROWA C-axis
  • A/B-axis (Unavailable Submerged)
  • Measuring Probe
  • Dielectric Cooler
  • Permanent Magnetic Table
  • EZ-SPARK for Super Hard Workpiece
  • High Speed Turbo Machining Circuit
  • Industrial grade IPC CPU processor, 32 bit, CF 128MB, 15" LCD screen, standard linear scale with 1um resolution and 3D mode motion machining.
  • E code functions include 2D and 3D vector, compensation, tool change, linear spiral, cylindrical track, circle track gradient spiral circle, bottom inclination machining, etc.
  • Multi-stage machining up to 9,999 stages.
  • Machining parameters S codes from S001 to S999.
  • The E code graphical preview function displays machining path.
  • Features track machining function (GM code)
  • Available to equip with 3-dimensaion to perform pre-calibration outside of the machine.
  • Available to be online with a robot.
  • Error message description and record to facilitate problem identification and maintenance.
  • Coordinate rotation compensation function allows for fast execution of machining.
  • 6 axes are simultaneously controlled (C, A, B-axes are optional).
  • The super hard material machining circuit enables machining for tungsten steel and titanium alloy (optional).
Easy operation on X, Y, Z and C axis movement via remote controller. Humanistic handwheel (MGP) & simple mold alignment. Minimum movement unit: 0.001mm.
Conversational programming for easy learning and operation. Clear concise and well organized display.
A.T.C.: with electrode protection sensor, insufficient air pressure sensor.


  • A.T.C. & C axis are available for fully automated & non-stop machining (option).
  • 3 axes 6 directions machining, multi cavities machining, circle orbiting, square orbiting, internal / external spherical machining, 45° depress corner machining, any angle orbiting, XY ,XZ,YZ, X.Y.Z plane machining.
  • 3 axes linear machining, 2 axes arc machining, helical machining electrode compensation.
  • Contouring machining (GM code).
  • Auto mechanical origin, internal / external center finder, auto edge finder & single axis center finder.
  • English / Chinese selectable, inch / metric, flushing speed setting, auto self-diagnose.
  • Intelligent arcing sensor and auto adjust the parameters to ensure best performance.
  • Maximum 999 steps machining.
  • Digital dual voltage (high/low voltage) currents being synchronously discharged to ensure faster metal removal rate, low electrode wear and uniform surface finish.

*All models in the CMAX series employ over class C5 ball screws with double nuts and linear motion guides

X.Y.Z. axes C5 CLASS double nuts ballscrews.
X, Y, Z axes linear guides.
Grease lubricator ensure smooth movement & longer life.

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