SD 350


  Unit Specifications
Work Table (LxW) mm 600 x 300
Table travel (X) 350
Table travel (Y) 300
Servo travel 345
Electrode Guide Travel (Z-axis Travel Included) 350
Distance between Platen & Table 370-20
Working Fluid and Capacity L 80L
Max. Workpiece Weight kgs 370
Machine Weight (net) 1000
Power Source V 220/380
Max. Power Consumption KVA 4.5
Max. Machining Current A 60


  • Filter
  • Stainless Water Tank [with Detached Flushing Pump (Made in Japan)]
  • Tool Box
  • Electrode Guide Ø1.0mm
  • Precision Electrode Holder Ø0.1~3.0mm
  • Electrode Tube Ø1.0mm
  • Calibrating Rod Ø6.0mm
  • Halogen Work Lamp
  • Leveling Pad
  • X, Y-axes Linear Scale (1u)
  • Z, W-axes Encoder
  • X, Y, Z-axes Double-Nut Ball Screw
  • W-axis Ball Screw


  • Filter
  • LED Lamp
  • Electrode Guide
  • Electrode Tube
  • ER Type Precision collet holder: Ø6.35mm
  • ER-Precision Adapter
  • Automatic Tool Changer / ATC 16/32T
  • Automatic Guide Changer / AGC 10G
  • Rotary Axis: B-axis
  • 80L Stainless Water Tank
  • Stainless & Submerged Work Tank & Dieletric Tank
  • W-axis optional: W-axis(500mm)+Z-axis(350mm) (Available in SD300, 350, 400, 450, 550, 600, 755)
  • Z-axis optional: Z-axis(500mm)+X-axis(500mm) (Available in SD550, 600, 755)
  • Finish Stop Device
  • Industrial grade IPC CPU processor, AC servo driver, servo motor, X, Y, Z-axis are equipped with linear scales with 1 um resolution and W-axis is equipped with an encoder with 1 um resolution.
  • Auto finding edge, center of two points, center of circle, and vertex of right angle and co-ordinate rotation and mirror image functions.
  • Conversational teach-in type G/M codes program editing function. Machining programs can be edited as 10,000 single blocks with sub-programs calling function.
  • Reading programs of DX file, wire cut EDM file and NC file then automatically output machining programs.
  • Machining path display and dry run simulation.
  • Alarm/ Warning: Auto error diagnosis function and able for reading historic messages.
  • Available to equip with ATC for automatic electrode change and AGC for automatic guide change.
Special spindle design combined with DC servo motor and high precision electrode holder to ensure stable & accurate machining.

An encoder equipped on Z-axis provides accurate Z axis positioning.

Electrode Anti-Bend device.

Electrical Pump with automatic pressure relief function providing water drop free once pump stops.

Equipped with outter pressure switch for convenient adjustment.

CNC EDM Drilling

  • 12.1" TFT LCD display panel.
  • PC based controller for cnc drilling edm.
  • Use friendly and compatible.
  • Auto electrode compensation when machining a hole, the electrode is over.
  • 4 axes close loop control.

Automatic tool changer & intelligent tool compensation

  • Auto tool changer.(OPT)
  • Auto compensating of exchanged new electrode during machining, Electrode is finished.
  • When the preset depth is reached, electrode automatic detecting and be risen to workpiece surface.
  • Variable depth control of machining.
  • Simulation and working path display.
  • 100 condition files, each file store 100 sets of data.
  • 100 sets of drilling depth.

Flexible & maintainable

  • System self diagnosis display.
  • Hardware status display.
  • Alarm history management.
  • PLC ladder on line monitor.
  • RS 232 transfer function.
  • Chinese/ English conversion.

Dialogue programming

  • G/M code programming.
  • Background editing.
  • Special modular machining ( circle rectangle pattern).
  • Auto edging, center of two points, center of circle including electrode radius compensation.

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