SD 450


  Unit Specifications
Work Table (LxW) mm 600 x 300
Table travel (X) 450
Table travel (Y) 350
Servo travel 345
Electrode Guide Travel (Z-axis Travel Included) 350
Distance between Platen & Table 375-25
Working Fluid and Capacity L 45L
Max. Workpiece Weight kgs 450
Machine Weight (net) 1350
Power Source V 220/380
Max. Power Consumption KVA 4.5
Max. Machining Current A 50


  • Filter
  • Stainless Water Tank [with Detached Flushing Pump (Made in Japan)]
  • Tool Box
  • Electrode Guide Ø1.0mm
  • Precision Electrode Holder Ø0.1~3.0mm
  • Electrode Tube Ø1.0mm
  • Calibrating Rod Ø6.0mm
  • Halogen Work Lamp
  • Leveling Pad
  • X, Y-axes Linear Scale (5u)
  • X, Y, W-axes Ball Screw


  • Filter
  • LED Lamp
  • Electrode Guide
  • Electrode Tube
  • ER Type Precision collet holder: Ø6.35mm
  • ER-Precision Adapter
  • Rotary Axis:B-axis(Submerged) with Control System
  • 80L Stainless Water Tank
  • Stainless & Submerged Work Tank & Dieletric Tank
  • W-axis optional: W-axis(500mm)+Z-axis(350mm) (Available in SD300, 350, 400, 450, 550, 600, 755)
  • Z-axis optional: Z-axis(500mm)+X-axis(500mm) (Available in SD550, 600, 755)
  • Finish Stop Device
  • Industrial grade micro-processor. X, Y-axis are fitted with linear scales with h5 um resolution. Z-axis is equipped with an encoder with 5 um resolution.
  • The machining circuit is driven by high speed, voltage-resistant and current-resistant MOSFET control.
  • Intelligent deep hole machining is easy to set by simply entering machining current and the other machining parameters will set automatically.
  • Capable of machining super hard alloy in irregular, spherical and curved shapes.
  • Job finish stop device increase convenience of operation.
Special spindle design combined with DC servo motor and high precision electrode holder to ensure stable & accurate machining.

An encoder equipped on Z-axis provides accurate Z axis positioning.

Electrode Anti-Bend device.
Electrical Pump with automatic pressure relief function providing water drop free once pump stops.

Equipped with outter pressure switch for convenient adjustment.

CNC EDM Drilling

  • 12.1" TFT LCD display panel.
  • PC based controller for cnc drilling edm.
  • Use friendly and compatible.
  • Auto electrode compensation when machining a hole, the electrode is over.
  • 4 axes close loop control.

Automatic tool changer & intelligent tool compensation

  • Auto tool changer.(OPT)
  • Auto compensating of exchanged new electrode during machining, Electrode is finished.
  • When the preset depth is reached, electrode automatic detecting and be risen to workpiece surface.
  • Variable depth control of machining.
  • Simulation and working path display.
  • 100 condition files, each file store 100 sets of data.
  • 100 sets of drilling depth.

Flexible & maintainable

  • System self diagnosis display.
  • Hardware status display.
  • Alarm history management.
  • PLC ladder on line monitor.
  • RS 232 transfer function.
  • Chinese/ English conversion.

Dialogue programming

  • G/M code programming.
  • Background editing.
  • Special modular machining ( circle rectangle pattern).
  • Auto edging, center of two points, center of circle including electrode radius compensation.

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